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Our responsibility as an icon of private medicine in Ecuador motivates us to make demands on ourselves every day, even more so when the country and the world face an unprecedented pandemic whose expansion depends, to a large extent, on how disciplined and demanding we are of ourselves. 
The Hospital Metropolitano, as a house of health, is fully aligned with the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Public Health. Every day, we welcome the new regulations that allow us to fight the spread of COVID-19.
In addition to the guidelines issued by the authorities at the national level, Hospital Metropolitano is guided by international standards from PAHO (Pan American Health Organization) and CDC, "Center for Disease Control and Prevention" in Atlanta, and standards from other hospitals such as John Hopkins in Maryland.  
We have worked on a contingency plan that, with proven international strategies, will lead us to work towards better control of the spread of the virus. In relation to the management of patient flow, we have designed, from the Emergency area, a triage whose objective is to differentiate the location of patients with respiratory problems in order to separate them from those with other pathologies.
We have proceeded in the same way with the hospitalization of patients and strengthened this strategy. Patients with suspected or confirmed COVID 19 are not admitted to the hospitalization floors. These patients have been transferred to an exclusive area located in another building, where the Hospital del Día is located.  
Our teams of professionals, composed of doctors, nurses, assistants, technologists, cleaning and disinfection staff, comply with strict care and disinfection protocols for the safe care of our patients. They also receive constant training in the correct use of the personal protective equipment that is used to treat patients with respiratory diseases. 
Likewise, we have implemented safety standards in the control of visits. Most of the high traffic areas of the Hospital have been equipped with special antibacterial mats, normally used in the entrance to the operating rooms, which eliminate the microorganisms that we can bring in the soles of our shoes; and they can be moved through stretcher wheels, wheelchairs.
For the treatment of other pathologies and medical care in other types of diseases, both in the area of Operating Theatres, Emergency, Laboratory and Image, the Hospital Metropolitano has redoubled its biosecurity measures in order to provide safe care to patients and the entire interdisciplinary team involved. 
At the moment we ask our patients to avoid receiving visitors unless they are absolutely necessary. We want to ensure that the social distancing required to stop the spread of the virus is enforced.