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We're two hospitals in one medical complex.

In the evolution of this pandemic, COVID-19 has proven to be an incredibly cunning enemy because of its rapid spread among humans. 
In this tough battle, defeating it is a complex task, but one of the most powerful weapons we have is to stay away from each other. That is why, honoring our commitment to take care of you and your family as always, providing excellent care to our patients, we have allocated all the facilities of the Hospital del Día for the exclusive care of patients with respiratory conditions and with redoubled standards of biosecurity, on which we have proven experience. 
We have a great infrastructure that gives us the advantage of implementing this solution. We have two different hospitals in a single medical complex. Our Hospital del Día, has an autonomous and exclusive operation for patients with respiratory conditions / Covid 19; and the Hospital Metropolitano attends all our patients in other pathologies. 
  • 2 image areas
  • 2 hospitalization areas
  • 2 operating room areas
  • 2 intensive care units
We have 200 meters of separation between the Metropolitan Hospital and the Hospital of the Day. This means that a patient with respiratory conditions will not have physical contact with a patient with other pathologies.
Each person, through social distancing, has the historic opportunity to stop the transmission of the virus in their circle. Hospital Metropolitano, as a leader in providing health services, honors this opportunity by duplicating efforts to provide safe care.