Research Committee

We want to be the leading hospital in health research, in order to continue promoting skills, and institutional growth thinking about our country.
At Metropolitano Hospital we advance towards excellence in health care through a process of ethical and responsible research, with the sole purpose of achieving continuous improvement, focused on our patients.

Objetives for our goals

  • To encourage research activity.
  • To strengthen human resources and hospital talent.
  • To attract talented human resources.
  • Mobility and improvement of researchers.
  • Recognition of the research activity.
  • Strategic partnership with centers and universities for the development of research in the field of human health.

To encourage research activity

  • To offer support to research groups through research projects.
  • To motivate doctors and Hospital employees to participate in research projects.
  • To boost exchange activities in the research area.
  • To provide assistance to the Hospital’s scientific magazine in order to have more publications and to propose a bimonthly release.

To enhance human resources and hospital talent

  • To enhance research scholarships, in order to encourage research in all its steps, and to encourage the refinement of people who are already doing research.

Attract talented human resources

  • To add specialized researchers in order to develop strategic research areas for the Hospital.

Mobility and improvement of researchers

  • Actualización, difusión de conocimientos e intercambio científico en forma continua y certificada.

Recognition of the research activity

To recognize high quality research
activity through awards

  • Metropolitano Hospital award for scientific dissemination.
  • Metropolitano Hospital award for high quality research.
  • Innovation award.

Strategic partnerships with centers and universities for the development of research in the field of human health 

  • Strategic and trained advising.
  • Obligations for all the people who work in the health area at Metropolitano Hospital.
Prior to begin, all health research work must be presented to the Research Committee; similarly, clinical cases must be presented to the Committee prior to its publication.
A copy of all finished research work / clinical cases has to be submitted to the Committee in order to: be filed, to create a research library; and to promote, disseminate and recognize the best research in a yearly basis. 
To withdraw the requirements and to deliver the work in the Medical Education Unit.