Confidential reporting channel

The Conclina Group formed by: "Metropolitano Hospital," "Humana," "Metroambulat" and the "Metrofraternidad Foundation" applies best business practices, and it strengthens the internal control through the Corporate Internal Audit Department. To contribute with it, we enabled the Confidential Report Channel which receives comments about events that may be causing a risk of illicit activities.

We invite you to collaborate by reporting any unusual situation!

For this you can:
  • Call 02 3998000 ext. 2136
  • Write to
  • Or visit us at the offices of the Corporate Internal Audit Department located in Meditropoli Building - Ground Floor, next to Executive Presidency.


The Corporate Internal Audit Department of Conclina Group guarantees the confidentiality of the reports that reach its communication centers. Its primary interest is to provide collaborators, suppliers, and other internal and external clients with an enabling environment based on the high professional level, expertise, and ethics of the auditors, to generate trust and openness in the development of relevant issues regarding fraud or illicit acts in general.
The information transmitted must be based on testimonies, conversations or real circumstances and not on perceptions or qualifications. Only comments that do not contain epithets, adjectives or subjective judgments that violate the moral and susceptibility of those involved will be taken into account.
The examined information will remain in the private corporate archives, along with the research supports. They will not be disclosed, nor will reprisals be taken against the informants.

Testimonials that will be received

  • Misappropriation of funds and assets
  • Creation of fictitious transactions or documentation
  • Bribes and returns
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Collusion between employees and suppliers or customers
  • Sexual intimidation or physical harassment
  • Purchases for personal use
  • Nepotism or inappropriate favoritism
  • Others that you may consider important