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Emergency Care Unit

The Emergency Care Unit of Metropolitano Hospital operates 24/7, 365 days; and it takes care of all patients who need medical care in all specialties and sub-specialties.

This area has 26 cubicles distributed as follows: 6 pediatric cubicles, 11 cubicles for adults, 3 cubicles for critical patients, 1 emergency operating room, 1 isolation cubicle, 1 cubicle for gynecology, 1 cubicle for trauma and 1 triage area.
In the Emergency area, a dynamic triage system has been created in order to provide timely care for patients. It has a multidisciplinary health team with emergency doctors, pediatricians and on-call doctors in different specialties and subspecialties.
In order to offer a better service, the area has direct cashiers for admission and discharge of patients.