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The authorities of the Conclina C.A. - Metropolitan Hospital group:
Dr. Raúl Jervis Simmons
Medical Director
Dr. Estela Felipe
Head Surgery Department
Dra. Alexandra Toala
Head of Medical Education Department
Dr. Santiago Córdova
Head of Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Dr. Vladimir Ullauri
Head Department of Internal Medicine
Dra. Shirley Morán
Head Department of Pediatrics
Dr. Manuel Panzeri
Head Anesthesiology Service
Dr. Christian Armijos
Head Service Image
Dr. Raúl Florez
Head Laboratory Service

Javier Contreras Cevallos
President - General Manager
María Elena Villacrés
Director of Patient Care
Fernando Gamboa Recalde
Director of  Internal Audit
Mauricio Rodríguez
Alejandro Calisto
Director of Infrastructure and Logistics
Mónica Lana Moreno
Director of Operations and Quality
Francisco Foyain
IT Director
Caridad Ramírez
Commercial Manager and Customer Service
Roberto Montenegro
System Manager
Alexandra Hernández
Human Talent Manager
Carla Caicedo
Administrator Metrofraternidad Foundation