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Our programs and services are designed to meet your health care needs and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle to meet your health care needs and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.
We are commited to the safety and well-being of mom and baby. Out hospital complex offers you the best facilities and professionals.
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Chequeos Médicos Mujer
A ti qué cuidas de todos, ahora es momento de cuidar de ti. Un chequeo médico a tiempo puede cambiar tu vida. Conoce más acerca de nuestro exclusivo  Chequeo Médico Mujer.
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Bariatric sugery
Being overwieght goes far beyond aesthetics. Obesity increases the risk of heart disease. diabetes, blood preassure, etc.
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Medical Checkups
Health check-ups can help find potencial health issues before they become a problem. WHen you see your doctor regularly, they can detect health conditions or diseases early.
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Mes de la mujer
Este es tu compromiso como mujer. Chequéate y aprovecha el 25% de descuento en exámenes de mamografía y eco mamario. Promoción válida hasta el 31 de marzo de 2020.
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Robotic Surgery

We have the most advanced technology for surgical procedures.
  • It is minimally invasive
  • Reduced risk of infection or complications
  • More rapid return to normal activities
Enroll in our Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support courses for health professionals.
We are accredited by JCI to comply with international standards of safety and quality in health.


Smart operating rooms

Equipped with the maximum technology.

Elite floor

Exclusive floor designed for greater comfort.

Day Hospital

6 Operating rooms with state-of-the-art technology.


20 nursery boxes for newborns.

Emergency Area

26 emergency cubicles.

Pediatric floor

For specialized care.

Private Room

Comfortable rooms for a better recovery.

Delivery room

3 delivery suites with state-of-th-art technology